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Why Buy Geodesic Dome Homes?

Aug 22

Many experts believe that geodesic domes will be the new home of the future. Although we are far from seeing entire communities built with dome-shaped structures, builders need to keep up to date with emerging trends. Search for your next dome home here.

The Advantages

Geodesic domes have been growing in popularity with home-owners who are looking for unique structures that can withstand extreme weather and natural disasters. These structures are also more cost-effective and energy efficient than traditional square homes.

They are resistant to the natural elements. Their dome shape is extremely efficient at shedding elements like snow and wind. These structures are capable of withstand strong winds like hurricanes, according to some evidence. Because geodesic domes have less flat surfaces, the wind can move around them. Domed homes are more resistant to powerful winds and can withstand strong earthquakes. Concrete domes can even withstand flying debris as large and heavy as cars.

They are very energy efficient. The geodesic domes encourage more efficient air circulation and maintain temperatures throughout the structure. They can be up to four times as energy efficient than traditional homes. Because of their unique shape, these homes are very efficient at insulate. These domes can absorb solar light, which means they are more efficient at absorbing it. Geodesic domes are a great choice for younger buyers who don't mind the domed look but want homes that are more energy efficient.

They are extremely strong. In engineering terms, geodesic domes outperform square homes. Geodesic domes are the only man-made structure to get stronger with increasing size. They are lighter and more durable than traditional structures, as well as being less expensive to construct. Geodesic domes made of bio-ceramic are highly resistant to fire.

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Things to Consider

Builders can expect some difficulties when building a geodesic house. It can be challenging to place chimneys and fire escapes can become expensive to install if the home is larger. If you are not an experienced builder, it can be difficult to create rooms and divisions within domes.

Because the average square home is rectangular, most basic appliances, fixtures, and utilities are made for right angles. It can be hard to find the right materials if you don't have experience building these types homes. These items are becoming more popular as geodesic dome home designs gain popularity.

Geodesic domes are becoming more popular in areas that are frequently hit by hurricanes and tornadoes. They can withstand high winds and storms better than traditional homes. Geodesic domes now have more options in interior design and utility. It takes a skilled builder to efficiently construct a geodesic dome. You might be able take advantage of this market. Now is the time to learn about the construction process and to establish relationships with the right suppliers.