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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fallen Trees?

Jun 30


You'll have to find out if your homeowners insurance covers the tree damage and whether or not your insurance will be able to cover it. While the answer doesn't have to be either or neither, we'll examine your coverage here.

Insurance Cover Tree Removal?

Because there are a variety of causes for falling trees, there's also various answers to this question. Each plan comes with the specific conditions and terms.

Public adjuster arizona generally covers any damage to a tree that has fallen. The standard homeowner's insurance usually has an extensive list of insured perils which you're protected for.


These are the most common causes of trees falling.


  • Smoke and fire

  • Lightening

  • Explosion

  • Riot

  • Vandalism

  • The aircraft is falling

  • Windstorm

  • Hailstorm

  • The weight of ice and snow

In the case of the last three points this is only insured if the falling tree causes damage to a structure within your property. If the tree is able to drop from any structure, and without causing any damage then you'll be accountable for the entire cleanup cost.


Other perils are covered for tree removal, regardless of whether a structure on your property was damaged or not. The Mesa Public Adjuster, Arizona, will provide you with all the details. Call for additional support.


In other words the insurance policy you have does not cover fallen tree.

  • The cause of the falling tree

  • Your insurance policy is individual

  • What the falling tree damaged

  • How Falling Tree Insurance Does It Work

  • If you're covered by insurance by a tree that fell and/or cleanup, your coverage will be subject to the standard limits and deductibles. Damage caused by trees is typically covered with 5% of residence coverage. The coverage is subject to limitations, which may differ depending on the policy. The limits are typically between $500 to $1,000.

  • How to file a claim in the event of falling tree damage

  • Safety should be your top priority when a tree falls on your property. After ensuring everyone in your home is safe and in an appropriate shelter making contact with your insurance company to discuss the cost of repairs is next on your list.

Am I protected from a neighbor's falling tree?

It is common that a neighbor has an unintentional tree fall onto your property. Even though it's not your tree, you're the one that needs to contact mesa az public adjuster because it's your property that is damaged. The neighbor's insurance isn't to protect your property.


There's a possible exception There is a caveat, however. If the insurance company determines in their investigation that the neighbor was not responsible regarding the tree's care, then their home liability insurance policy will be responsible.


It is the same for your own trees , too. If the neighbor's tree causes damage on their property, and you're liability insurance does not cover the damage, you must use your liability insurance. Your liability insurance won't cover the damages if your liability insurance is found to not be adequate for trees that caused damage to your property. We'll assist you with making the claim. Select Adjusters will guide and help you.


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