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Tips to Maintain Summer Air Conditioning

Apr 29


Your air conditioner will save you from the scorching heat. It's your lifeline for peace of mind and comfort. As with all machines, it depends on you to maintain it. Everest Air LLC can save you money by keeping your air conditioner in top condition. What can you do in order to save the cost of repairs?

Five DIY Steps to Increase Your Unit's Functionality and Lifespan

Clean and change the filter It is among the most simple and important tasks you can perform yourself. A blocked filter can significantly reduce the efficiency of your system due to obstruction of airflow. When airflow is blocked, it can cause air to bypass the filter, bringing dust and debris directly into the evaporator coil that damages the coil's capacity for absorbing heat. Filters need to be replaced or cleaned every month during the cooling season. If they are used regularly, that could mean two times per month. To clean the filter, switch off the unit and remove the filter, scrub it with dishwashing soap and a soft bristled brush, let the filter dry and hit it with a vacuum to remove any dust you missed and then snap it back into place.


DIY Aircon CleaningClean the cooling coils each year

While cleaning the filters can help prevent them from getting dirtier, condenser as well as Evaporator coils can still accumulate dirt and dust as time passes. To prevent this from occurring it is crucial to examine and clean your coils each year. One of the simplest methods to clean your coils is by spraying an agent that is specifically designed specifically for this purpose. You can find these sprays at the local hardware retailer.


Clean up the area around the unit

You can reduce debris by cleaning the coils. In order to ensure proper airflow, it is necessary to trim back any foliage that is higher than two feet from the coils. During the winter when your unit isn't being used you might want to protect your unit as well to stop debris from falling in by covering it with plywood or plastic. However, you don't need to cover every side to prevent the build-up of moisture.



Be sure to clean the fins

The fins of the coil can be twisted or blocked. If you have a fin-comb that you can buy from an air conditioning firm near me, you can make the fins comb again to the condition they were in when they first appeared. To eliminate any buildup or dirt you can spray the fins gently from the inside with the garden hose.


AirconClean drains

The cooling coils produce the humidity in the air which can be condensed into a pot and is then drained out through the tube. A blocked drain could be caused by mold or algae buildup in time. A flood on the floor can cause a blockage in the drain. If a drain float is installed on the floor, it can stop cooling the air to prevent flooding. Find your drain and then make use of a dry and wet vacuum for two to three minutes to flush out the buildup that could be blocking it.



Clean your unit on a regular basis and inspecting

If you do, check that you're AC is operating smoothly. To make sure your AC lasts longer, you should turn off your unit when you're not home. Additionally, take care to clean the vents in your home. Pet owners might need to clean their vents and filters more often due to hair accumulation. Air conditioning repair Mesa Az needs to be called immediately if you are experiencing unusual noises or water leaks, or you notice uneven cooling.


A certified mesa air conditioner technician can also handle your annual cleanings, ensuring that everything is in perfect condition.

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