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Dos and nots of tree care

Mar 18


Tree care is more complicated than you might believe. We at Pro Tree Service in Chicago, we want to help you maintain your trees' health and beautiful for the years to be. The basics of tree care is crucial.

The Dos of Tree Care

Prune your trees

Check out your trees. Are you able to identify any dead, damaged, and/or diseased branches? Are your trees beginning to grow into a neighboring area of public use? If the answer is yes to one of these questions, it's time to trim your tree. It is important to refrain from pruning in the fall season, since pruning stimulates unwelcome growth in the months prior to winter.


Do look for pests and tree disease

There are several trees pests that you need to watch out for in Chicago, including the Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetle and Gypsy Moth. Be sure to trust us when we say that each of these pests could harm the vegetation in your yard. We suggest that you know the signs and symptoms of a sick tree. The likelihood of your tree recovering from pests or diseases are greater if you contact professionals as quickly as you can.


Keep your tree away from being too close to power lines

This is a major issue. The closer your tree is close to a power line, the more likely it is that you'll be without power in the following big storm. You can take a break and trim any limbs nearing roads or utility lines. The last thing you want is for an overgrown tree to cause damage to your home or else's.


Do not buy trees that are native to the region.

Take note that trees thrive only in certain areas. You don't want to waste cash on plants for your garden. Double-check to make sure the tree you're looking at is native to the area in which it is located. We can even better contact Georgetown Tree Service!


Call a professional tree service for assistance

Professional tree care firms work to tackle the toughest tree issues. A professional tree service will help you answer any questions regarding your tree, such as whether it's in need of removal or whether it's healthy. We'll discuss more in depth however, it's best to let the tree care professionals handle it.


The Don'ts of Tree Care


Trimming your trees should not be done every day.

Most homeowners aren't aware the fact that continuous pruning and trimming can reduce the lifespan of trees. Rather than prune your trees every season you should get into the habit of limiting your pruning and trimming to springtime. This can encourage optimal growth.


Do not wash up storm damage

Let's say that a nasty storm rolls through your neighborhood , and it knocks down your tree. Although your first instinct may be to go outside and start cleaning up the mess, your best bet is to connect with your insurance provider and take photos of the damages. Professional tree service in Georgetown Ky recommends that you leave your trees damaged by storms with a professional.


Plant trees not too close to each other

A tree needs its space to grow healthy throughout its life. If you're planning to plant more than one tree in your yard, make certain to give them space. Trees without healthy root growth could not achieve their potential to the fullest extent.


Don't attempt to cut the tree down by yourself.

DIY tree removal is a risky undertaking that carries huge risks of damage. But countless homeowners are injured each year by accidents with ladders, chainsaws and other tree removal equipment. Be safe and make sure you call a dependable tree service if there is large trees that require to be taken down.


Do not choose a tree service.

Contrary, two tree service will be exactly the same. You'll find during your research that some tree service companies focus on tree trimming while others concentrate on tree removal. Georgetown tree stump removal does everything including tree trimming, removal, land clearing, and removal of trees.


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