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Solar Skin For Your Solar Panels

Mar 9


Installing solar panels has become one of the best ways to save on cost of energy as well as reduce your environmental footprint - but did you know that there's a way to take your solar panels to the next stage? Advosy Energy, a special product that increases the appearance and longevity of solar panels, is designed to perform a number of tasks.


The flexible outdoor-rated material is identical to the film used in cell phone screen protectors. The film is coated with durable graphic and can be applied by solar installers in Phoenix. The film is cut to fit a range of solid black, high-efficiency solar panels, which makes it compatible with any size, design and models. It is also backed by an MFG 10-year guarantee.


SolarSkin will not only enhance the appearance and longevity of your solar panels but also shield them from damage.


Transform your solar and make an impact

Addition of SolarSkin to your solar panels is a straightforward procedure that can be accomplished quickly by a skilled installer. You'll first work with Pep Solar's Pep Solar team to design and purchase your SolarSkin to ensure it meets your specific requirements. Following that, one of our expert installers will install the film to the solar panels. They'll check for the proper fitting and placement. Since SolarSkin is custom-cut to size so you're sure that the panels you purchase will have smooth, seamless appearance.


An experienced professional installer can integrate Arizona Energy Service into the solar panels you have. It's simple and straightforward. The first step is to communicate with PEP Solar to order your SolarSkin. This will ensure that your requirements are fulfilled. After that, one of our expert installers will apply the film onto your solar panelsand will check for an ideal fit and a proper application. SolarSkin panels are custom cut to the specifications of your needs, so you will get a perfect appearance.

You can effortlessly blend your solar panels with ease

While solar panels are wonderful to reduce your electricity bills and preserving the environment, their industrial, drab style doesn't look very appealing. SolarSkin can help improve the curb appeal of your home and maintain your energy efficiency. High-quality printing and professional quality graphics create SolarSkin an ideal choice to improve the exterior appeal of your home.

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NeoCharge is a company from California, was established in San Luis Obispo to assist those who are interested in exploring the possibilities for a more sustainable commute and to reduce carbon emissions. The goal of the company was to get rid of one of the biggest obstacles for EV ownership, which is the expensive cost of fast home chargers.


Arizona's solar firms offer low-cost and quick charging options, which could save you thousands of dollars over expensive installations that would allow you to achieve Level 2 charging right at your home.


Level 1 Charging

Level 1 charging (L1) is done from a 110- or 120-volt wall outlet, which is the same outlet that is used for charging your iPhone or tablet. The L1 charging method is extremely slow, delivering three to five miles of range per hour of charging. It's incredible how slow it is. A Tesla Model 3 would take approximately three days to charge fully. L1 chargers are best suited for hybrid vehicles with an enlargement of electric miles, and that heavily rely on gasoline.


Level 2 Charging

In L2 charging, power comes from a bigger outlet, 220 volts, the kind used to power high-powered appliances like ovens, electric dryers, hot tubs, air-conditioners, as well as water heaters. There is a good chance that you already have one, however it's possible to have a PEP solar technician is able to install one. Level 2 will require electric automobile supply equipment (EVSE), also known as an EV charging system.

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